The Jump Dogs parachute display team are a highly skilled and experienced civilian team that exist to offer thrilling and dynamic in-air displays for your event.


We provide amazing spectacles in the sky that not only enhance your event but will undoubtedly bring an unforgettable show for your audience.

As well as our display parachuting for events, we can offer a company or businesses a unique and fresh approach to their PR and marketing needs. We can fly a large custom-made flag, advertising your company into your very own event for media coverage.




Please use the following contact information to get in touch with us, or use the form provided.


T: 0808 197 0323

M: 07531 647 419

E: info@jumpdogsparachuteteam.co.uk

What are the criteria required for the jump dogs to parachute into your event?
  • As a British Parachute Association registered team we need to comply with the following regulations.
  • We require a minimum landing area of 100m by 50m.
  • The landing area needs to be free from any major hazards which will get in the way of us landing.
  • We need six weeks (preferably 8) prior notice to the event for us to get all of our clearances in place.
  • Once we have conducted a telephone/email enquiry with the organiser and we have got the things mentioned above we will need to send a two-person team to the site to conduct a full recce of where the event is taking place to ensure everything is in place for your big day and to explain anything else that hasn't been covered.
  • We have other rules for the actual day i.e., wind conditions, cloud base heights etc. which will be explained on the site recce.

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