Sponsorship of a dynamic and thrilling parachute team can provide your company with a new and exciting platform to get your key messages out to your audiences and through product or service-based sponsorship you will be helping the Jump Dogs in the day to day running of the team.

We would like to thank the following companies for their sponsorship support so far and you can learn more about what they do by clicking on the links below to their websites.

If you are looking to get your product or service in the hands of a Parachute Team, then drop us a line on 0808 197 0323 or send us a message via the contact form or connect with us on social media.

We look forward to working with you.


Wiley X Eyewear was established in 1987 with the aim to produce top of the line protective eyewear to military forces and law enforcement on a global basis. Staying true to the safety cornerstone of the company, Wiley X has in time, expanded the eyewear portfolio to include sports eyewear and sunglasses.

All Wiley X sunglasses are perfect for all outdoor activities. They are all Safety EN166, and ANSI certified. This is of no interest to a consumer, and not many know about these certifications, but these certifications are proof of quality, durability, and visual clarity. Through many years skydivers and base jumpers have tested and approved Wiley X eyewear for jumps.

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“Public Relations – a strategic communication process that builds and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their target market.”

Provence PR – the PR management service that’s comprehensive, flexible and bespoke. We listen, we analyse, we plan, we deliver – leaving no stone unturned to provide for your brand the perfectly targeted profile.




Please use the following contact information to get in touch with us, or use the form provided.


T: 0808 197 0323

M: 07531 647 419

E: info@jumpdogsparachuteteam.co.uk

What are the criteria required for the jump dogs to parachute into your event?
  • As a British Parachute Association registered team we need to comply with the following regulations.
  • We require a minimum landing area of 100m by 50m.
  • The landing area needs to be free from any major hazards which will get in the way of us landing.
  • We need six weeks (preferably 8) prior notice to the event for us to get all of our clearances in place.
  • Once we have conducted a telephone/email enquiry with the organiser and we have got the things mentioned above we will need to send a two-person team to the site to conduct a full recce of where the event is taking place to ensure everything is in place for your big day and to explain anything else that hasn't been covered.
  • We have other rules for the actual day i.e., wind conditions, cloud base heights etc. which will be explained on the site recce.

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